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Feeding Guide

We recommend 2%-3% of your dog’s body weight being fed daily based on life stage and energy requirements. For puppies and/or pregnant/lactating females we recommend 4% – 6% of body weight daily. For senior or weight-conscious dogs we recommend 1.5% – 2% of body weight daily depending on the fat content of the different protein formulations.

Transitioning Your Pet

Most dogs need a slow and steady transition from one food to another. Simply start with a small amount of raw to your current food and every day increase the amount of raw while decreasing the old food. This process usually takes a minimum of one week but could be shorter or longer depending on the dog and their digestive system. 


It is normal to see changes in stool when transitioning from one food to another.  The biggest difference most people see is a significant decrease in the volume of stool when feeding raw compared to feeding most kibbles.  At first there may be a bit of mucus or perhaps even vegetable content.  This is normal but very quickly you should see it transition to a smaller, firmer, brown normal looking stool that when baked in the heat of the sun crumbles to a fine white powder if not picked up right away.  


Please note this has been our experience.  Every dog is a bit different.  If there is significant change that lasts a while that you would consider not normal for your dog you should see a veterinarian to rule out medical issues.  

Safe Handling Instructions

For maximum freshness we recommend you always store OC Raw frozen products in the freezer until ready to use.  Patties will thaw relatively quickly but not as fast as the Meaty Rox or the Mini Patties.  We  recommend thawing in the refrigerator NEVER in the microwave.  This product is made from raw meat, raw animal ingredients, raw fruits, and raw veggies intended for human consumption and may contain bacteria harmful to people.  We highly recommend you store this product separate from ready to eat foods and always wash your hands, bowls, and handling surfaces with hot soapy water after use.  This product also contains ground bone which can vary in size from batch to batch.  The use of stainless-steel bowls is recommended over plastic products.

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