GOAT & PRODUCE ~ 4# Sliders

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Due to supply chain issues and low inventory of goat, we are limiting our production of Goat & Produce items.  The 6.5 lb. should be available at your local independent pet retailer.

Net Weight: 4 lbs.

  • Low Fat
  • High-Quality Protein
  • Novel Protein
  • Good Alternative for Pancreatic Dogs
  • Complete & Balanced
  • Premium Muscle Cuts
  • Grain, Potato, Pea, Lentil FREE
  • USDA Certified Meats Ingredients
  • 90% Meat, Bone, and Organ 10% Fruits, Vegetables and Supplements


Goat Ground Goat Bone Carrots Apples
Green Beans Broccoli Spinach
Pumpkin Acorn Squash Beets Parsley
Blueberries Cod Liver Oil Calcium Carbonate Rosemary Powder
Sage Powder Sea Kelp Powder